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Exciting events planned for 2019-2020 year

Climate Choices Deliberation at Penn State University Park
Saturday, November 9, 2019

This November, PERC members will come together to have a facilitated deliberation on climate change and learn how to organize and facilitate deliberations of their own. We will deliberate in the morning and learn to organize and facilitate in the afternoon. 

The Kettering Foundation, developer of the National Issues Forum, has created Climate Choices. Climate Choices creates a structured way for organizations and communities to discuss the issue of climate change in a meaningful way. It brings ethical issues to the forefront, invites individuals to explore tradeoffs between different climate solutions, creates good conditions for dialog and decision-making, and respects the democratic process. Best of all for our members, it will surface our individual and collective values, provide us with ways to engage our own campuses and communities, and give us the basic skills we need to organize and facilitate. If you so choose, you can make this deliberation part of an event on April 8, 2020 as part of the national Solve Climate by 2030 project organized by Eban Goodstein and the Bard Center for Environmental Policy.

Making it Work: a how-to workshop on successful community engagement
Friday January 10, 2020

Join faculty, staff, and students for a workshop on community engagement for sustainability. Staff from Bucknell's Place Studies program and Penn State's Sustainable Communities Collaborative will share the details of their programs, how they work, the agreements they make, the relationships they build, and the projects they have put in place. They will also show how their projects engage with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and stitch them together through campus and community action. We will also learn about individual projects at PERC member schools in the arts, energy, water, and more.

Solve Climate by 2030: Solar Dominance + Civic Action
Wednesday, April 8, 2020
On April 8, 2020, colleges in every state in the US will engage in a new set of power dialogs. Solve Climate, organized through the Bard Center for Environmental Policy, will host a nationally coordinated on-line event with hundreds of participating schools in every state. The 4.8.20 Power Dialog will feature 50 hour-long, simultaneous, university hosted webinars on state-specific solutions, followed by community dialogs that will focus on how students and citizens can take action. The deliberation we organize and participate in November 2019 will set the stage for deliberations in 2020 that can be part of this far-reaching initiative.

Spring 2020 Conference at Penn State University Park
Last week of April 2020
Later in April, we will host our annual conference at University Park. Building on this past year's momentum, we will continue to focus on the Sustainable Development Goals. We will have a special segment on deliberations and discussions that were part of the Solve Climate by 2030 initiative.

Input welcomed
If you have ideas for panels, additional activities, and keynote speakers, the Executive Committee invites proposals.

We have two webinars in development. We expect one will happen in the fall semester; one in the spring.

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