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Mercyhurst spring/summer update

05 Jun 2014 10:03 AM | Anonymous
So things have slowed down for us, same as they have for everyone. We did have several issues this year. The first was with the start of our food recovery program, collecting food from catering events. There was really never any excess food left, so we only had one collection day, which was prior to the Thanksgiving location when Parkhurst wanted to clean out their refrigerators and storage places of food that would go to waste over the break. Because of this we are currently looking off campus with our food recovery program; students are reaching out to local restaurants (chain and non-chain) to form partnerships. 

With our composting program, we didn't collect anything after December because our composters froze, as usual, over the winter. But because of the harshness of the temperatures and how long it lasted, the tubs only thawed at the end of April. So for the last two weeks of classes, it wasn't worth the time to try collecting food waste again. We are working on how to improve our composting program to either prevent the freezing over the winter, or to help thaw the tubs faster in the early spring. 

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