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Taking the Challenge!

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 The Program

Taking the Challenge

As you start down the path to begin the Challenge, know that you will have both the technical assistance of the EPA and the statewide community of other Pennsylvania higher ed participants to share with and learn from. Sign up today to begin the process.

  Taking the Challenge
The EPA will provide assistance directly to your school as needed to help participants purchase smarter, minimize waste and reduce disposal costs. PERC will provide webinars, email updates and other communication tools on an ongoing basis to share lessons learned and to help build momentum and enthusiasm.
Taking the Challenge
Each participating school agrees to enter Baseline Data within 90 days of joining the Challenge into the provided data management system. 
Help is available to help schools determine how best to gather the baseline data.

  Taking the Challenge
The baseline data will be (2012) annualized data for the following Food Waste diversion data elements:
  • Prevention
  • Donation
  • Composting 
Going forward, Re-Trac, the web-based data management and reporting system, will aid you in tracking your campus's waste generation and reduction activities, including changes in purchasing, food donation, and composting. 

  Taking the Challenge
Year One Goal Set a yearly goal for for reducing the amount of food waste reaching landfills by setting a (2013) annual goal to increase food waste diversion. Enter that goal into Re-Trac.  We are encouraging PHE-FRC participating schools to increase their food waste diversion by 5% or more, in one or more of the three measured categories: prevention, donation or composting--or to set a combined diversion increase across all three categories. If a participating school does not have food diversion data, EPA's experts will assist you in developing a program to help you measure future progress.
Subsequent Year Goals With advice from our experts, set site-specific numerical targets based on opportunities at your facility.

  Taking the Challenge
Keep PERC updated on what's going on at your campus. We will be sharing stories lessons learned and challenges met on our website and through email and holding webinars on topics of interest to participants as well as tracking which schools are participating.
Taking the Challenge
"Doing it" will vary from institution to institution. Avenues participants will choose from include:
  • Change food purchasing practices--both quantity and timing.
  • Change food production and handling practices.
  • if serving food, reduce excessive portion sizes. (Methods include: portion control, trayless dining practices, and modifying menus to eliminate uneaten sides.)
  • Feed people, not landfills, by donating to those in need.
  • Feed animals, not landfills, by finding partner
  • Compost food waste or use anaerobic digestion.
  Taking the Challenge
Implement food waste reductions efforts, track your food waste recycling efforts (prevention donation, and composting ) in pounds or tons, and report them by March 31st 2014. Colleges and Universities will receive an EPA Climate Profile and be eligible for recognition.

 Sign up now!

Ready to begin? Click here to enroll your institution in the PHE-FRC.

  • Participation is free to all PERC Member Schools.
  • Participation is also free to all schools that have a food service contract with PHE-FRC sponsor Sodexo (and any future sponsors.) 
  • Any other Pennsylvania higher education institutions are encouraged to join PERC and participate in this statewide challenge.
  • If you don't know whether your school is a dues-paying PERC Member School, look on the participating institutions page to see if it is listed as a Member School or a Member Campus. For more specific questions, including alternate ways to participate, please contact us.

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