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Leadership Role

PERC is a leader. PERC was one of the first two statewide higher education environmental organizations--and remains one of the most successful and effective in the country.

Wind Power Market Development

PERC, along with its member schools, was responsible for the initial creation of a market for wind power in Pennsylvania.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory & Reduction

PERC developed a program on Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Reduction Strategies: to share experiences among schools to achieve very aggressive GHG reduction goals

Sustainable Development Network for PA

PERC convened 12 institutions within PERC--institutions that have resolved to support sustainable development activities in numerous communities in Pennsylvania.

Municipal Greeenhouse Gases Inventories and Reduction Strategies

Six PERC schools worked with approximately 25 municipalities on developing and executing municipal approaches to Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Reduction Strategies.

Solar Power Development

PERC has been instrumental in developing Solar Power: PERC worked with the Sustainable Energy Fund of Central Eastern Pennsylvania to create and fund the Solar Scholars Program. SEF has described it as one of their most successful programs.

Energy Efficiency

PERC’s Climate Change and Clean Energy committee organized and executed eight well-received workshops on Energy Efficiency over the course of two years.

Watershed Protection

PERC obtained a $300,000 grant from EPA to four PERC schools to assess the impacts of lack of land use controls on PA watershed.

Sustainable Development Research

PERC received an $80,000 grant from DEP on Sustainable Development Research-how Pennsylvania was performing in sustainable development objectives.

Recycling Competition

PERC worked with DEP to develop and facilitate a competition among twelve PERC schools to increase recycling amounts.

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