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Mission and Vision

In early 2010, the PERC Executive Committee participated in a strategic planning process called ReVision 2010.  Two of the things that emerged from that process were newly articulated statements on Mission and Vision:  “mission” being the “why” of PERC--its reason to exist--and “vision” being a statement about where PERC is heading--what impact PERC will have in the near-term future.

our mission

PERC enables Pennsylvania's colleges and universities to share knowledge and take action towards a sustainable future. 

our vision

  • PERC member schools will be models and messengers of sustainability.

  • Through collaboration, research, knowledge sharing and action taking, PERC schools will be seen as “momentum generators” toward statewide sustainability. 

  • PERC associates will find it easy to connect through a variety of PERC-enabled virtual methods and to build relationships face-to-face at PERC meetings.

  • PERC will be a leading model for higher education sustainability organizations nationwide.

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