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Franklin and Marshall June 2014 Update

06 Jun 2014 1:41 PM | Tom Simpson

Since the beginning of May Franklin and Marshall has been on a reduced kitchen schedule. There have been a few events producing food waste, but not much. This weekend is Reunion Weekend with several dining events. We met earlier in the week to plan for capturing as much compostable material as possible. Pick-ups by our hauler have been on a call-in basis.

Next week begins our summer camp series with a few smaller groups. On June 29 we begin in earnest and we have been planning how to capture as much food waste as possible. During the following six weeks we should be collecting amounts similar to what happens during the school year.

Truly gratifying to us is the fact that we are now receiving and utilizing finished compost on our grounds. This completes the circle for us since at least some portion of the compost was made using our food wastes. Success!

This spring we began collecting food waste from our weekly Common Hour lecture series. Future plans will involve expanding collection to new events and sites.

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