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Update for June 2014 - Shippensburg University

09 Jun 2014 3:12 PM | Anonymous
At Ship we have finally gotten on track with the input of all of our baseline data and goals.  We have also gotten up to date with the 2014 school year.  At this time our goal over the summer is to get better systems in place for tracking at each area dining location.  Up to this point there are several things we have been doing that we have no way of knowing what are savings are, these systems will help correct that problem. 

We plan on continuing with programs like Trim Trax that help to visualize to our associates the amount of kitchen prep waste being generated. 

In Fall 2014 as part of our Project Clean Plate initiative we will work on new marketing methods and incentives for students who "clean" their plate.

In Spring 2014 we began a local food donation initiative called Food Recovery Network.  Over the summer we will be training students, faculty and staff on the program and hope to expand our donations in the Fall.  Summer donations will be limited.

At this point we are at a stand still with composting as we are composting at maximum levels for the equipment that we have.

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